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Camille Bed

Camille Bed

₹70,000.00 Regular Price
₹35,000.00Sale Price

The opulent textiles, which are clearly seen in the geometric designs of the headboard, which resembles a modern boiserie, are the main characteristics of this lovely double-size bed. The headboard is offered in two different styles: aligned with the bed's edge or extended from the bed's sides. The Camille bed can be customised in any fabric. 


The geometric shapes of the enormous soft headboard, which can easily be imagined as a modern boiserie, are dominated by textiles. 


Headboard 6ft long 54” height 

Mattress size 

5x6ft - 70,000

6x6ft - 74,000

6x6.5ft - 78,000


Headboard 6ft long 60” height

Mattress size

5x6ft - 74,000

6x6ft - 78,000

6x6.5ft - 82,000


Headboard 9ft long 60” height with 2 PU polished side drawers

Mattress size

5x6ft - 1,02,000

6x6ft - 1,06,000

6x6.5ft - 1,10,000


*18mm commercial ply

*40mm density foam

*Fabric - Suede (colour customisation available)

2x upholstered side tables with dual drawers - 25,998 (1.5ft each)

2x side tables with dual drawers in Pu Polish - 31,998 (1.5ft each)

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