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Joyce bed

Joyce bed

₹74,000.00 Regular Price
₹37,000.00Sale Price

Joyce is a classic style double bed with a high quilted padded headboard.‎ The beautiful diamond button tufting on the Joyce headboard creates stunning light and dark effects.‎ This dramatic, engaging and luxurious feature draws our eyes like a magnet.‎


Joyce is an evergreen model in the collection: it reflects the classic side of our design research, the formal class and elegance which stand the test of time and trends, a fitting tribute to a style tradition that we all consider irresistible and timeless.‎



Headboard 6ft long 54” height.

Mattress size

5x6ft - 74,000

6x6ft - 78,000

6x6.5ft - 82,000


Side Drawers

-2x upholstered side tables with dual drawers - 25,998 (1.5ft each)

-2x side tables with dual drawers in PU polish - 31,,98 (1.5ft each)


*18mm commercial ply

*40mm density foam

*Fabric - suede velvet (colour customisation available)

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