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Kubiqa Upholstered round pouf

Kubiqa Upholstered round pouf


Rigorously conceived, powerfully constructed, exquisitely realized, KUBIQA is the sofa as pure, unaffected expression of style.‎‎ Designed to be the perfect addition to the contemporary living space, KUBIQA has been painstakingly sculpted to reveal an essential form.‎‎


A commanding, elegant presence, its graceful profile bespeaks an unmistakable sophistication—clear seamlines emphasize the refined geometry as tubular legs undergird the vigorous sense of proportion.‎‎ With outstanding craftsmanship devoted to every element from the seasoned wood frame to the sturdy yet invitingly comfortable cushions, KUBIQA sets a new aesthetic standard.‎‎



Sizes available 


2.5x2.5ft - 16,999


3x3ft - 17,999

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