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About us

At HOC, we are committed to delivering unique, comfortable and enduring decor products. HOC started with the aim to provide jobs to rural artisans. With years of expertise, our artisans' diligence to detail and precise care results in interiors and exteriors that often surpass our clients' desires. We genuinely believe that good quality design is life-enhancing and deliver it in every project we undertake. Each project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished, no matter how large or small.

Why Choose Us


Premium Quality

We are committed to delivering unique, comfortable and enduring 

luxury furniture.


Affordable Prices

At HOC you can find a diverse range of high-quality luxury furniture at the best prices which are always transparent and guaranteed.



Our dedicated team powerfully represent our intention to serve your needs, precisely creating products as per customer needs.

Our Process

Online Tutoring


In our first virtual consultation

we listen to our customer's choice and needs.

Couple and Builder

On-Site consultations

During visit our team visits the site and takes measurements of the site at which the product is to be placed. Then the client is asked to select the choice of fabric and colour from our catalogue.

Design & Construction Estimate

In the next stage we finalise the design and proportions for the Product. Once we get the heads up from the client, the product goes under construction.



Finally the product is shipped from our warehouse to the client's location, where it goes through final inspection in front of the client.

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit

Our Quality Guarantee

We understand just how important a home can be, serving as a reflection of those who live within its walls and displaying the beauty and functionality of items that occupy its space. At HOC, we firmly believe that the home provides an ambience of warmth and positivity. 


 This belief is exemplified in detail and the care we give to our products. We aim to keep our store warm and inviting, welcoming consumers to come and nourish their passion for home décor.


Our dedicated team powerfully represent our intention to serve your needs, graciously extending a helping hand whenever desired. We share your love of elegant furniture and design, investing our efforts to relish your senses and fulfilling your wishes. 


And today, we became a preferred brand.

For decisions in the future… HEAVEN OF COMFORT

Create your dream home
with our modern yet affordable furniture

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