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Flutscal cabinet

Flutscal cabinet


The Flutscal cabinet system brings perfect order to every living space.‎ As the ideal add-on to the living or dining areas, or in the bedroom‎. The elegant surfaces are highly PU polished.‎ All doors open smoothly and silently thanks to the invisible push-to-open principle.‎‎ Following its function, the design also brings calming clarity and structure to the eye of the onlooker.‎ The configuration of Flutscal cabinet also harmonises beautifully with an incredible variety of styles and sizes.‎ Surrounded by a slimline frame, the elements can be customised with shutters or drawers.‎ There are variety of colours colours to choose from in matt or high-gloss paint, along with the materials Plywood or MDF.‎


According to preference, the cabinets can be stably positioned on striking designer legs made from stainless steel.‎ All foot designs can be in black (matt), gold(gloss), rosegold(gloss) or silver to match the body of the cabinet.‎ Alternatively, the structure can also be hung on the wall.‎


The cabinet can be made in 3 sizes 

1) LxBxH - 48in x 14in x 24in - 26,999

2) LxBxH - 60in x 14in x 24in - 33,999

3) LxBxH - 72in x 14in x 24in - 39,999

*Above mentioned prices are for MDF base and units in inches.


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