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Tudor tufted ottoman

Tudor tufted ottoman


TUDOR is a tufted bed bench upholstered items with a timeless rigour and style; in fact the perfect connection of classicism of the shapes structured and elegant and the contemporary design oriented to the maximum comfort. The wide dimension of the diamond shapes, the soft suede upholstery and the lower stretching of the cover, allow a more comfort to the ottoman, away from the traditional stiffness typical of the same models of the past.‎


The shapes are lightened thanks to the the linear shape, while the particular manufacturing of the back produces an effect of more depth of the surfaces and gives elegance the product.‎ TUDOR becomes not only an furniture item of extreme beauty and comfort but also a product of big scenic impact, protagonist and heart of the whole relax area of the house.‎ 



Available sizes


4ft length - 13,999


5ft length - 14,999


6ft length - 15,999

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